Draft a Statement of Claim or Summons or Defence

I will draft a Statement of Claim or Summons or Defence for you for NSW. Fee is $330 and up.

What you need to do:-

  • Complete the relevant Form providing details;
  • Provide copies of any relevant document such as invoice, purchase order, correspondence or agreement;
  • Provide a copy of the existing Court documents & any evidence by pdf;
  • Confirm that you are not a party to a case that I am already involved in;
  • Provide feedback for revisions & amendments.

I will:-

  • Email you a detailed questionnaire;
  • Provide you with acceptance at $330 or provide a quote by email;
  • Draft your document;
  • Scope of the document is defined by you and I need to discuss that with you once I am given some details;
  • Accommodate several revisions;
  • Answer your questions by email;
  • Provide the first draft of your document within 3 business days;
  • Deliver your document by email with instructions on signing it & witness requirements.

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I am an Australian Legal Practitioner with a NSW Practising certificate and Professional Indemnity insurance. The fee includes GST and a Tax Invoice is provided. I practice NSW and Australian Law only. I do not accept work which involves a conflict of interest.