Driving offences

Our advocates have experience in dealing in various traffic matters including Police Pursuits, Aggravated Dangerous Driving Occasioning Death, Negligent Driving Occasioning Death, LIDAR and RADAR Speed Detected Offences and all other traffic matters and can assist you in putting your case most favorably to the Court so as to achieve a good outcome for you.

Traffic Accident Damage

Have you had a traffic accident? We can claim for your repairs from the other driver. We can also assist you in defending a claim to repair the other drivers repairs. If both parties were partly to blame the the repair costs can be apportioned to the parties under the doctrine of contributory negligence.

Habitual Offenders

The Habitual Offenders Declaration is an additional automatic period of 5 years disqualification imposed by the RMS in addition to any disqualification period imposed by the Magistrate. We can assist you by making an Application to the Court to have your Habitual Offenders Declaration quashed or the 5 year period reduced. Caution needs to be exercised and the timing of the application is crucial because you can only make the application once and there are no appeals from an adverse outcome.

Drink Driving

We can assist in all drink driving matters. Our advocates have experience in dealing with Special Range, Low Range, Mid Range and High Range PCA matters and can help you to achieve the best result achievable in your circumstances.
The Parliament has imposed minimum mandatory periods of disqualification and we can help you to achieve the minimum and sometimes to avoid disqualification altogether.

Driving Suspended

We are experienced in assisting you to defend the matter or to receive the best possible outcome.

RTA / RMS License Appeals…

We can help you to retain your licence by appealing the RTA's decision to the Local Court.